Facebook Ads Campaign Management

Facebook Ads Campaign Management

On average, 80% of potential Facebook conversions are lost due to poor ad strategy.

Combine the power of a Facebook Messenger Chatbot with our advanced Facebook Ad Campaigns to achieve higher engagement rates & click-through-rates

We combine 10+ years of Digital Marketing & Facebook experience along with 16+ years of Sales & Business Development knowledge to drive better results for our customers.

Data on Facebook Messenger Chatbots for Business

Our Facebook Strategy starts with the main components that can influence your results:

  • Audiences - We help you build advanced audiences from customer data that perform better than interest based audiences.
  • Ad Copy - Crafting a clear call to action, authority, and stats to drive more clicks.
  • Video / Image - Attention grabbing videos and photos ensure Facebook users notice your company.

We split test EVERYTHING to ensure continual improvement. 

This can include ad copy, audiences, placements, objectives, and even budget optimization. 

If you aren't testing, you aren't learning.

Data doesn't lie!

We deep dive into the data of your campaigns to understand the metrics of what worked and what didn't work to make better decisions moving forward.

Then we go through the results with you to decide on next steps together so you are confident in the plan moving forward.

How to Grow with a Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Business

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