Smartbot FAQ's


Here are some common Chatbot FAQ Questions with Answers. 

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What is a Smart E Bot?


Smart E Bots are automated Facebook Messenger Chatbots that can help you solve real world issues with your business.

Think of a Smartbot as an employee you hire for your business that handles certain tasks for you 24/7.


Why do I need a Smart E Bot?


Some Facts About Chatbots:

  • 90% of mobile phone usage is spent on messaging platforms.
  • Chatbots will power 85% of all customer interactions by the Year 2020.
  • At least 45% of customers would buy items from a chatbot.
  • 45% of end users prefer chatbots as the primary mode of communication for customer service inquiries.
  • Achieve up to 35% savings on customer service.
  • Up to 70% increase in operational automation.
  • 45% of all job related task are automatable using already existing technology such as chatbots.


How much does a Smart E Bot cost?


⚡ Smart E Bots can be VERY cost effective!

The price you pay each month depends on:

1. The complexity of your bot.

2. How many users interact with your bot each month.

3. The advertising budget you have available to drive traffic directly to your chatbot.

The best way to get detailed pricing is to schedule a free consultation.


What can I use a Smart E Bot for?

light-bulb-1872373_640?  Examples of what a Smart E Bot can do for you:

  • Instant Responses
  • Run a Sweepstakes
  • Give Discount Codes
  • Drive & Qualify Leads
  • Boost Sales
  • 24/ 7 Customer Service
  • Schedule Calls
  • Answering FAQ's
  • Branding & Customer Loyalty
  • Automated Notifications
  • Reduce Operating Costs


What Services Do You Provide?

light-bulb-1872373_640?Our Chatbot Subscription Service Includes:

  • Custom Smart E Bot
  • Hosting
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Chatbot Updates
  • Support
  • Managing your Usage Fees
  • Optional Facebook Ads Campaign Management

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