PhotoFly Travel Facebook Messenger Case Study

PhotoFly Travel Club

PhotoFly Travel Club Facebook Messenger Chatbot & Facebook Ads Case Study

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Developer Testimonial from Steve Juba
Steve Juba - Owner - PhotoFly Travel Club


"Smart E Bots has been a pleasure to work with and an invaluable asset to our organization’s growth and development. We are in a transition phase of our business and their expertise in a wide gamut of marketing strategies has helped create a promising plan and timeline of future growth for years to come. Not to mention, they're a great team with high integrity a solid work ethic!"


Facebook Campaign Management, Smart E Bots Chatbot, Lead Generation


PhotoFly Travel is a free travel club that offers adventure trips around the world. They remove the stress from planning complicated trips and offer an easy solution for people who don’t have someone to travel with.

The company was searching for a cost-effective way to drive sign-ups for their free travel club to fill out more of their trips. The goal was less than $3.00 per lead.


Our solutions including the following:

  • Chatbot - Smart E Bots chatbot that runs a giveaway for a free $500 trip voucher. The chatbot signs up users for the giveaway and travel club in 1 form. The bot adds subscribers to an email list and sends an automated email giveaway confirmation. It also automatically retargets people who came to the bot but didn’t sign up for the giveaway. You can test the live chatbot here.
  • Email Campaign - We created a personalized indoctrination email campaign that introduces the Founder and provides value added travel articles after the giveaway signup.
  • Facebook Ads Management - We created an advanced Facebook Ads campaign with the Messenger Objective that used a Lookalike Audience based on current mailing list subscribers. All ads lead to the chatbot.


Our best performing ad campaign was approximately $0.39 per lead and has shown continued success:

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